What a week!

22 September 2010

Phew... its been a bust week here in the Winen household...
In fact I'm so behind with my blog.....that I seriously considered pulling the plug on it... but....tonight.... I'm making a last ditch effort to catch up...via some dot points...

* Thank you for all the lovely Congratulation messages on the occasion of Brent and Alex's engagement.... it was such a lovely surprise....both for us and Alex.... Brent certainly took us all by surprise...and he chose the most gorgeous ring... (Yep... that's my boy... he has good taste)
I cant wait to get some photos of them together.....with the ring of course...
Wedding plans hey!.... gosh... I'm sure there will be hours of fun ahead....not to mention a few headaches too no doubt.

* Mum and Dad finally decided to return from Darwin.... they had been up there basking in the sun for months....and so they called in on their way home....and spent four or so days with us ....
It was perfect timing..... right after the engagement announcement....and just in time for the birthday celebrations.....

* Ian celebrated a birthday on Monday and so did Alex.... so lots of smoke coming off the candles at our place that night.... The table is certainly full once we sit Ian and I, Brent, Alex, Bella, Mitch, Meg, Briony, Jarrad, Granny and Grumps around it....and little Brookie was there too.... she wanted a breast feed just as the cake was put on the table.... as babies tend to do.... impeccable timing.

*We always love having Granny in our kitchen..... the kids put in their orders the minute she arrives.... this time my favourite would have to be the apple roly poly... yummo!!

* We have spent a little time in the garden.... getting the vegie patch up and going again for the summer.... we planted out tomatoes, cucumbers, snow peas, cauliflowers, silver beet and chilli's ... nothing beats home grown goodies...
Its a wonderful time of the year in the garden....our Kangaroo paws are looking magnificent....and the blossoms on the nectarine are just beautiful..
* I attended Brionys teacher interviews.... and as usual I was proud of her achievements... she has had a lot on her plate this term...but has handled it well...and got great results....

*Mitch has been unwell..... he has had two trips to the Dr's....and now is putting off getting his requested blood test done.... I wish he would just get on to it...so we can get him better.

*Meg got a new car after waiting weeks and weeks for the insurance payout following her accident.... she bought a little swift like mine... I think they'll be the best of mates.

* I was sad to see the final ' Farmer wants a wife'  I had loved every minute of it...and was worried it would leave a huge gap in the middle of my 'tv viewing' week.... thankfully tonight 'the Block' filled that gap.....and I already know I'm going to love it!

* Well that's it from me tonight..... I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow....to pick up our best mates from Qld... who are coming to hangout in this crazy house for a week or so.... they'll get to meet the girlie's for the first time....see the ring....and be here to celebrate Bella's 2nd birthday on Saturday...

Have a great week everyone....and thanks for popping by....Mardi xx


  1. Always love reading your updates MArdi. Don't stop blogging..it doesn't matter how often or how not you update..any update is great!!!

  2. I too also love reading what you and your gorgeous family is up to...

    Ejoy the fun times ahead with your family and friends.

    Cherie xx

  3. No, please don't stop blogging. I love reading your updates and love all the photos, especially of Bella and Brooke. And now there is a wedding to be planned and who knows what else. No don't stop. xx Sue


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