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29 October 2010

I figured a quick family update was long overdue....

*Its nearing the end of the school year....and homework / assignments have become a real focus here in the Winen household .... as well as the upcoming Prom. 
This week Briony and I ....took Keryn , Hannah and Kari to Adelaide for a spot of Prom dress shopping....we walked the shops until our our legs almost fell off....but by the end of the day.....we had two happy girls....with beautiful new and jewelery 

* I'm back at the gym.....and I'm hating it.....the exercise part of it that is.
 I like the instructors....and I'm thrilled to catch up with my gym friends again....but the exercise.... urgh! I hate it....I wish I could just go and do the stretches at the end.... because I quite like that bit.
 My advice is.... either never join.....or never take a break.....because its frightening how quick you can lose fitness.

* My garden is growing beautifully... the vegies I planted have grown so well.... well except the cucumbers....the snails ate them!

* Bella is a cute little two year old.... she is talking non-stop now.... and is quite the personality.
When she arrives our place she calls out...."Hello Nanny....Hello Poppy "....then marches on down to the TV in the family room......she then asks for "Iggle Piggle and Mukka Pukka".... once she has the TV on.....she sings out for a "tuppy". She sure is a routines girl.

*Brooke... what a sweetie... when she smiles her face lights up. 
She is a so content these days.....she loves her food.... her apples....pears and yoghurt oh and pumpkin.
She is rolling over and wriggling her way around the floor....getting more and more active all the time.

*Brent has spent another week in Adelaide at trade school.....I know Alex was longing for him to arrive home.

*Mitch and Meg are good..... we miss our Meggles now days as we don't see her nearly as often now she is in Adelaide at Uni.....but its nice that she stays over at least one night a week.
Mitch has still been unwell..... its been a bit of an ongoing saga..... he has lot a lot of weight.... had numerous lots of ab's and although he is a little better....he is still not we have abdo xrays booked for more investigation.
His work is going well....and he even got to travel and stay at Moonta last week for a couple of days while they did a kitchen there.

*Ian is back playing lawn bowls in the night owls comp....or whatever its called.... he was adamant he wasn't playing this season....but he was sucked in by the bowls vortex....and has played the last three weeks.

*I did some scrapping for a beautiful lady this week and popped them in the post....I felt very honored to be scrapping her beautiful photos....and it made me so very thankful on a lot of levels... (thank you Moira for allowing me to participate in your generous gift.)

*Ive been a little creative behind the scenes.... some can be shared once I get off my butt and take some photos......but some is for the upcoming @home Christmas workshop...a real highlight on my calendar each year.

* I eventually managed to scrap my September layout..... and now...far out.....its almost the end of October.
Where has this year gone!!! (stamps foot)

*Ive been a little out of sorts..... I'm skin is a mess.... in fact my eczema is worse than ever.
To be honest.... I'm  tired of chasing a remedy...I'm tossing up whether to follow the Naturopath pathway again....Ive taken that pathway a few times before....with no real success.....but was that me that failed....or the treatment.....I guess you could say I'm back to clutching at straws.

Have a great weekend.....
Think of me.....Ill be on night shifts!
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Hi Mardi... great to catch up with your news... things are sure crazy at the moment... soph & i are going to melbourne tomorrow... love your monthly sept pages... i just got up to date with mine this week... am enjoying doing it again after following kim's classes last year... take care & see if this goes through... love jo xx

  2. Oh what a lovely update Mardi. I'm sad to hear that you and Mitch aren't very well at the moment. I hope you find out what's up with Mitch and you're both feeling well again soon. Love that you've been creating. xx

  3. hi Mardi, I enjoyed reading about Winen life. What a great update! My dad has played lawn bowls for as long as I can remember and he LOVES it! I hope you are feeling better soon and can get get Mitch on the mend as well. Have a happy week!

  4. Hi Mardi, Sorry you and Mitch arent well.....and i hope you get some answers soon. I was down your way the other week but it was last minute and i didnt want to pop in last minute,,,,,im coming down again soon as i brought some material from fabric shoppe that im going to have to find some pieces for so i can start a new quilt:)
    Is Briony going to the prom with her bf? Cant wait to see pics in her dress.
    Stay well and catch up soon:)

  5. Hi Mardi... I enjoyed reading your little family update :) ... sorry to hear your not well tho... I have teenaers at THAT age, so tatoally know how busy life can get.... take care, and thanks for the congrats on the boxx DT... Im so excited about it :)

    Karen xx

  6. Sometimes when you are clutching at staws, that is when you are desperate enough to try one more thing.... and that happens to be the one thing you need to help your situation. Sending lots of love