I'm such a 'la-la'....

25 October 2010

I'm feeling a bit sad...  because we sold our little old caravan.
I felt like a little piece of us was towed off down the road.

We haven't used it in a few years.... and Ian and I have ordered ourselves a brand new camper...so we can get off-road more often ...this meant the caravan had become surplus to needs.

So we brought it in..... shone it up..... put the ad. in the paper.....and it sold within the week.... so fast!
too fast!

Ian is far more black and white than me .... to him it was an object that we no longer needed....so a quick sale is a good sale...moving on.... bigger and brighter....

to me...

It was our beloved 'Dorky Yorky' (as we so fondly named it) and it had feelings.....and I'd hate it.. to feel unloved or rejected....and I so badly wanted it to know just how much we had all loved it over the years.

 I'm consoling myself with the fact that the family who bought it.....have kids too......and they plan to do some little improvements to it.... and I'm sure it will become a much loved part of their family too.

So..... here is my little farewell post..... 
the kids helped me scour the albums for photos....and we had a lovely afternoon reminiscing all the places we had traveled....and adventures we had.

(Grampians - 1999)

(Camping at Renmark Easter - 1999)

(Wangarratta - 1999)

(Melbourne - 2001)

(Grand Ridge road Victoria - 2005)

(Albury - 2005)

(Port Lincoln - 2006)

It gave us many happy holidays..... and some damn great memories.

Like the time in Canberra ....when we were doing the dishes after tea.....and Ian asked Mitchell to tip the thermos out... Ian said to him "Mitchell can you please tip this out in the drain where the water goes" ....meaning the sluice that our drain ran into.....

Ian should have done it himself..... because poor Mitchell wasn't too sure what he meant.....and  instead.....he took the cap off the side of the van and tipped the remaining milky coffee into our water tank.

Like the night in Port Lincoln when Ian and the kids slept through the fire engines......the sirens.... the smoke alarms.....and all the noise as they tried to extinguish the fire that burnt a park cabin to the ground. I couldn't believe they slept through it all. It must have been the sea air....and that relaxed holiday feeling.

I could go on and on an on about the Dorky Yorky..... there are so many more photos.... and stories.... but this will do it for this post....

So its farewell to our much loved Yorky.....wishing you many happy holidays ahead..


  1. What lovely memories you have Mardi. I would be sad too to farewell something that had been such a part of family life. It is lovely that it is going to another family and I'm sure they will create their own lovely memories.

    Maybe a mini-album is in order!

  2. Mardi Jane.....I understand why you are sad...it has been a big part in your life....holidays with the kids...I only have the one holiday memory that we shared with "Yorky"...and that was the Melbourne Great Ocean Road holiday 2001....how much fun was that....remember our roadside stops for a cuppa made in your caravan....it is a little sad...

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

    aww Mardi so sweet and sad at the same time :( i hope you get just as manny memories out of your new camper happy camping :)

  4. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Aww that is sad Mardi, we have a camper trailer, which we love as we can take it any where...just come home from a two week trip out western NSW and Canberra. Love family time together especially camping. Hope you have just a many great memories with your camper than you did with your caravan.

  5. Hi Mardi, I'm Yvette's sister Charlotte. Our Mum felt EXACTLY the same way as you when we sold our caravan. She was so sad to watch it be towed away by another family. She had to remind herself she wasn't selling the memories! But she said the sweetest thing was that it was sold to a family with 3 little girls (and we were 4 little girls when Mum and Dad bought it) so it was like it was starting it's life all over again :)