Relay for life

12 October 2010

Well we did it!
We walked the entire event.... our baton moving around the oval continuously for the 19 hours.... 430'ish laps in total.....which John roughly calculated to be about 150kms.

Our team raised approx $1600.00 - not bad seeing as we were late starters.... thanks so much to those who made online donations and supported in other ways.

Most of us got very little sleep.....and some of us got none.

By the early hours of the morning I was feeling like an eighty year old...every muscle hurt....and I had enormous blisters on my feet....but I pushed on....and without sounding corny....I sort of felt blessed to be healthy .....and alive to do it.

Here are a few photos from the event.....

Some of the teams went to a LOT of trouble with their costumes and sites.... we were alongside a very colourful group of high school students.... whose costumes kept us entertained all night.

Our site on the other hand was very sedate..... we sort of took the promotion type angle....

Although.....we did decorate with some good old trauma jazz up the place a bit....
Here is Vicki and I in our 'Relay for life' issue shirts this year.....

 ...and a shot just after the opening......when the Survivors and Carers led the first lap around the track...
 Vicki and Keryn strutting out in style.... see those smiles..... its obviously early on Saturday.....because by the early hours of the morning.... there were certainly less
 This is a very bad shot.... but its the candlelight part of the night....and the candles in the grandstand spelt out the word 'HOPE'.... we were able to buy candles and write out own messages of hope...and these candles burnt on throughout the night.

I guess that's a very quick  rap up of our Relay this year....

I want to thank the others in our team for all of their support...not only in the walk...but in helping to organise...set up... and clean up afterwards.

Many thanks again for everyones support.
Mardi x


  1. Good on you!!Looks like fun!
    I am a new follower and love your blog!

  2. Well done Mardi! A great effort and fabulous cause-dear to our heart too:)


    PS Love the pics of the little ones above. My how fast little Brooke is growing. And those curls of Bella's. Gorgeous. You must be such a proud nan!