I love a good find.....

7 November 2010

Like these gorgeous frames that I picked up on the way to the markets this morning.
I didn't even notice the painting until I got them home.
I think its quite cute.
definitely an added bonus!

Then...imagine my delight when I spotted this yellow bag..... for a sale price too.
Ive been coveting a yellow bag for weeks.
I was SO close to buying one last week..... it was 4 times the amount I spent today.
But Ian's words were ringing in my ears.
"Cut the spending Mardi."
Eeeek...so I didn't dare.

How lucky.
This one was waiting for me.
I was beaming all the way home.

My final purchase.
(well actually I bought this one earlier in the week ...so it isn't the final purchase...its the first purchase)

Is this gorgeous yellow lamp base.
Ian hates it !
.....he had a pained expression all over his face when I rushed in all excited.
You would swear I had arrived home with the most disgusting thing he could imagine.
I don't care.... because I love it....and once it gets itself a new shade.
It will look very spiffy indeed.

One last thing.
I think I have a thing for yellow.
scary thing is.
I found a cute chair the other day.
I'm praying its still at the shop.
It was timber...with a bright yellow seat and back..
I think it needs to come home with me.
Mardi x


  1. hehe ... what a laugh, and what a thrift shopper you are mardi... LOVE that bag... and i'm a bit of a lamp freak myself. the bigger the better. i love that big base! you'll have to give us an update when he finds a hat :)) x

  2. Oh the BAG! I love it!!!

  3. Yumm!!! go the mello yellow! It brings the sunshine inside! :D

  4. I have a bit of a thing for yellow at the moment too. The yellow Lullaby Thickers are finding their way onto heaps of layouts LOL. Actually the bag looks the same colour :-) Love it!

    LOL about Ian, they just don't get it sometimes LOL

  5. Anonymous9:50 pm

    I can't wait to see what you do with the frames!
    The bag is awesome - fabbo and what a bonus to get a bargain!
    I love yellow too at the moment.
    I admire your wonderful ability to see the potential of things ... I am looking forward to seeing the lamp with its new shade!
    Moi x

  6. Oh my...Mardi that bag is GORGEOUS!!! Totally love it...along with your other fun finds! I must confess to having a thing for yellow too at the moment! LOL I hope you'll share a pic of your lamp with the new shade on?

    Sheree xx