Our new camper

21 November 2010

There was much excitement this week when the phone call came to say our new 
Carry me Camper was ready for collection.
We had ordered it not long after we arrived home from Darwin....
so we had been waiting patiently while it was built.

Typical of our luck....
We discovered that we wouldn't have time for the bank cheque to be mailed out...
So.....if we had any chance of collecting the camper on Friday afternoon....
Id have to drive to the branch in Gawler (our closest) to collect it.

So I was up bright and early.....and made the 4 hour round trip..... I was home all of 10 minutes before we were back in the car and off to Tintinara to have the camper fitted and to learn how to operate it.

The guys at Candy Canvas were wonderful....
They were so helpful as far as fitting it....
Even adding some extra wiring into our car at the last minute....
So by the time we left there we felt quite confident that we had it all under control.

Because we were so close to the Coorong we decided to camp overnight
and test out our new home on wheels.

Garrie at Candy Canvas was very helpful giving us a map and some directions to a great spot nice and close.

So here we are making our way ...all was going well until....

...a largish kangaroo jumped out of the bushes on Ian's side.... and while in mid air it changed its direction and slammed down onto our windscreen.
It made a horrific smashing sound.....partially caved in....and shattered into millions of pieces...
 but thankfully remained intact.
The Roo then slid of the bonnet on my side....
and bounded off into the scrub..

Luckily our car was unscathed....
except for the windscreen of course.
which rained little slithers of glass for the remainder of our trip.

Poor Ian had a horrible time trying to drive....and see around this enormous shattered mess.
The Camper though.....was wonderful....
It was easy to put up...... and very comfortable....and even though it was a quick camping trip it confirmed that buying it had been a great decision....and that it would serve us well in our travels in the future.

Have a great week all


  1. Oh Mardi, I hope that that is the only bit of bad luck you have with your new camper.

    Enjoy your future trips.

    Cherie xx

  2. Anonymous9:51 am

    Your new camper, (not like your windscreen) looks great Mardi, I hope you have many happy camping trips with her.

  3. Oh Mardi I bet that gave you (and the roo) quite a shock! Your new camper looks fantastic and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun adventures with it!

    Sheree xx

  4. Oh no Mardi, I am so sorry to hear about your windscreen. How scary!! I am so glad you are both OK. Your new camper looks fantastic! Congrats on your new purchase x Janelle