It was a '40 something' degree day....

31 January 2011

So an evening dip in the lake was just beautiful.
The lake is full again.....and its just wonderful to see so many families taking advantage of it...
We really are lucky to have such a gem in our town.

Much to everyones amazement....I even had a swim...
then sat back with my camera for a bit...

Brookie eventually loved the water....  after a few initial tears.

Bella didnt want to go home... like most kids....she LOVES the water....and has no fear.

Mitch came down for a swim as well.... and much to my horror... did some back-flips off the jetty.
(I'm always worried about submerged things in the water....)

All dressed...refreshed...and ready to go home.
It really was the perfect summer evening.


  1. what a perfect spot for a would be lovely having a beautiful lake at your doorstep - great

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon Mardi...especially in that heat! Hope you're all managing to stay cool today too.

    Sheree xx

  3. Sounds perfect for a hot summers afternoon Mardi... It is 42 degrees here at the moment and I think just looking at the water in your gorgeous pics has cooled me down slightly :)))

    Jenny x