Bella's little holiday

9 February 2011

It had been ages since we had visited Mum and Dad Winen.
So we headed over for the weekend.
Bella came along with us for a little holiday.
She was very excited.
I think Mummy, Daddy and Brookey missed her..... it must have been very quiet at home.

We walked along the jetty....

Bought a do-nut at the bakery....which Bella loved
.....until it fell out of the bag and a seagull swooped in and grabbed it.

Bella explored and played with the toys at Grandma and doesn't seem that many years ago that her Daddy was playing with those exact same toys.
(ah yes....that is do-nut sprinkles still on her face.)

and we got the all important photo of the weekend.... 
(Its a pity Brent wasn't there...this would have been 4 generations.)

Ian and his Dad tried some fishing.....but it was too windy....which is pretty much the norm when we visit....its either windy or a dodge
We did however have a delicious dinner of fresh whiting that Dad had caught the day before.

Then it was time for the trip home.... Bella was plum tuckered out.... its hard work being on holiday.

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  1. Aww, dear little possum! It looks like you had a wonderful trip, I love your generations photo