I love the funny things they say.....

14 February 2011

Like Bella in the car on the way to Ardrossan....

Having this little conversation with 'Tom the Talking cat'.. an App on my phone.
(for those that are not familiar with Tom.....he repeats everything you say in a cute little cat voice
....and Bella loved him)

Bella: "Hello Mummy"
Tom: "Hello Mummy"

Bella:" Hello Daddy"
Tom: "Hello Daddy"

Bella: "Hello Brookey"
Tom: "Hello Brookey"

I have been watching her in the mirror.... so I can see that she is trying to think of what to say next 
....then she spots the handle of her luggage bag...

Bella: "This is my bag"
Tom: "This is my bag"

Bella: (with a furrow in her brow )  "Noooooo.....its Bella's bag "
Tom:  "Noooooo.....its Bella's bag "

Bella: (with obvious relief) "Yes...its Bella's"
Tom: "Yes...its Bella's"

Bella: (nodding her head) Yeah...
Tom: Yeah...

Thanks for the giggle Bell's xx


  1. I love reading about your grandbabys Mardi. This is just priceless isn't it?! It's so lovely you are able to spend so much time with them. The love between little ones and grandparents is unique. And gosh I think Bella looks so much like her dady in this pic.

  2. Anonymous2:21 pm

    hehehehe...so cute Mardi! She's a smart cookie xx

  3. That's gorgeous. I'm glad you have recorded it somewhere!

  4. What a classic! LOL She's such a cutie! :)

    Sheree xx

  5. Oh Mardi, that is precious! I adore it!