Adding colour - one room at a time - Office / craft room

6 March 2011

Want to see whats been keeping me busy this week?
(other than work....and a 4wd training course)

Its still a work in progress...
but here it is..
'My room'
the office slash craft room

Now sporting a brave new colour called Monastery along the long wall....
and Beaver on the others.

This is the view as you walk in the door from the family room / kitchen...
the ugly but essential computer...
and all the associated desk paraphernalia

Clipboards with some recent favorite layouts.

a couple of owls....
the sweetest stitched one ...a gift from my dear friend Janelle
and another I bought at the Oppy for .50c...he is just waiting for a lick of paint.

a globe I bought in New Zealand....
I wanted him to keep my childhood one company...only trouble is....I cant find my childhood one.

The cutest blue giraffe....a gift from sweet Tammy...

My colour organised fabrics... 

Ive lined the desks up along one wall.... making it one long workstation.
Believe me (and the family) Ive had this room in every possible configuration....but because its a walkway from the garage to the kitchen this flow through layout certainly works the best.

The end wall is now storage.. 
I'm not sure why I didn't put my expedit here before....its the perfect fit.

My old orange chairs add a splash of colour...and are a sentimental touch.
These were from our childhood beach shack... 
they have been this colour since I was a child and maybe longer.
They are rickety and chipped...
and just how I like them..

I colour sorted my pattern paper....and  stored it all in file folders in a plastic tub under my desk..
Its not pretty....but its practical..
and my vision was to have the room as functional as possible..
No more scratching through piles of paper and pots of embellishments looking for what I need

So its beginning to take shape...with more plans in the pipeline.

I tossed up whether I should leave my post to when I felt it was finished....
but will it ever be?
I think it will continue to evolve for some time yet.
Happy Sunday everyone


  1. Mardi I am loving ALL the colours you are choosing, the space looks wonderful (and VERY organised!)...would you like to visit me in Sydney when you have finished and help me????

  2. Anonymous6:55 pm

    This is just gorgeous Mardi! i love looking at all your bits and pieces, so warm and homely and very "you". Also love how you can dislay a 8x11 layout on a clipboard, might have try a few that size :)
    I've just spent the last week moving all my scrap stuff out of the home office and into a spare room that never got used (it's right at the end of the house and none of the kids wanted to sleep there) So i've claimed it now...and Lennie's pretty happy he won't be climbing over piles of stuff to get to his desk :)Am loving seeing what you're doing to your house...keep the rooms coming!

  3. What a beautiful room Mardi... love the wall color and those gorgeous orange chairs... looks the perfect room to sit and get creative in...

    Jenny x

  4. looks really good....I'm sure it will work well the

  5. Ooh Mardi, I love the paint work! It all looks so tidy and very functional, I love your mix of necessities and fun things. It must be a wonderful feeling to have your house so beautifully organised!

  6. He he... Beaver. :D It looks much classier than the name implies (as does "Bogan"). The room is so colourful dispute the neutral wall. I love it!

    Oooo look at all your fabrics!

  7. Pamela Campbell9:27 pm

    Love looking at your makeovers...I think you may have helped me find the colour aqua/blue/teal that will work on a project at my work...thanks for sharing, makes me want to get the paint brush out at home too.

  8. Hey Mardi...
    I haven't popped in for ages!!
    Check out your looks fabulous!! What happened to the rustic/wooden old style look? It's gone!!! It's turned into modern and sleek - I love it!!!
    How's the family? I hope you're all well.

  9. This is gorgeous Mardi!! And ummm, yeah, over a year and a half later and the skirting boards still aren't finished in my scrap room....oh and the cupboards not organized.... ;)