Dell would just like to say....

31 March 2011

That she and 8 friends will be looking for new homes tomorrow...
Meet them all at

Its not too late to pop your name in the draw for the giveaway...
I will be drawing a lucky winner on Monday 4th April.


  1. Love all your owls Mardi, will have to go get myself one as Emma just doesn't seem to want to share Mr Hooter with me...... You'd think she would wouldn't you.
    You are so clever and I hope your etsy store is a HUGE success.
    Love to you
    Leanne (and Emma)

  2. CUTE!!! :D

    Sheree xx

  3. YAY so excited for you and that's owl is mine!!!!!

    awesome mardi!!!

    best of luck on your new little shop it's a ripper!!!