Keeping my hands busy with crochet.

24 March 2011

There is one positive about a little cooler weather 
(and only ONE as far as I'm concerned... I HATE cool weather with a passion)..
anyway....I was off track..
that positive is...
I feel like crocheting again....
Firstly this cute little slouch hat....
 so kindly modeled by Bella before it was packaged off and sent to a brand new home.

and the beginnings of a crochet bag....
I struggled for weeks with this pattern.....I just couldn't get my head around it...
I had a growing pile of rejects.... I just wasn't happy...
then I stumbled across a similar block pattern....
so I adapted my squares to that....and easy finally came together.
I think Ill actually get to finish it now.


  1. Ooooh loving all your goodies - come to Sydney to teach me...pleeeease!

  2. She's such a cutie Mardi! LOVE seeing your beautiful crochet. :) The slouch hat is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the bag you're working on all finished!

    Sheree xx

  3. That crochet hat is simply stunning on Bella, and I know the new owner will adore it too. LOVE the sneak peek of your bag, it looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see that when it is finished too
    xx Janelle

  4. oh Mardi your crochet is lovely, so clever and the hat is GORGEOUS not to mention the little treasure wearing it-oh my those curls!!!