Stitching with my girls...

7 April 2011

There has certainly been a stitching frenzy happening in our home the last week or so...
Not only is Mitch stitching...
but the girls spent an afternoon designing and creating themselves a little friend as well.
Its fun watching them make their choices....
and seeing them so delighted with their end results.


  1. Looks like you've all been REALLY busy! I love what's being created...x

  2. Looks like loads of fun!

    Sheree xx

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  4. Your girls are gorgeous! It is lovely to see them having such fun stitching too xx Janelle
    (sorry that previous post was me, but Jasper was signed in, whoops)

  5. I love that the girls made some owls. It's so nice to share the love of crafting with them!

  6. Hi Mardi, As we search for colours to put in our new home the green of your kitchen jumps out at me as so fresh and pretty. I'm not sure where we would use it but am wondering if you know what colour is is? Looks like it was a fun day.