Weekend rejuvenation - crabbing

3 April 2011

Ian and I often laugh  about how 'lucky' we are when it comes to fishing and crabbing.
Its usually...too windy....too rough....or a dodge tide.
But this weekend we cracked it....
It was perfect crabbing weather..
and even though we had to work for them...
we got a lovely feed and some to share.

Friday night...
Ian and I
Brent, Alex and the girls...
Briony and Jarrad...
Our friends Darryl, Keryn, Hannah, Kari and Kari's friend Georgia (probably spelt incorrect..sorry)
all headed over to Dad and Mum Winens at Ardrossan.

We crabbed.....fished... walked and  relaxed.
Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

(Briony and Jarrad)

(Georgia, Kari and Keryn)

(Briony and Jarrad)


(the view back down the beach toward Ardrossan)


(Bella holds her first crab...and we are not irresponsible...it was well and truly past nipping)

(She kinda likes crabs....she says they are yuck to eat....but she doesnt mind holding them)

So thats our weekend....
Relaxing in every way!


  1. Fantastic Mardi! I remember many happy afternoons dragging an old baby bath around crabbing! What great memories for you all!

  2. Awesome pics Mardi! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together!

    Sheree xx

  3. Sounds like a great weekend away with friends and catching up with family. Great pics. I wanted to see a photo of you in those crabbing pants ha ha!