Family... LOVE em!

6 May 2011

Its the biggest drawback to living where we do...
it means we are distant from family.
Ian and I both have close families.....and spending time with them is precious.

Last week Mum and Dad came to stay....and it was lovely.
Bella and Brookey loved it too...

Poor Mum never gets a quiet moment.....
Briony immediately enlisted her help with a assignment she was working on....

and as usual....she slaved in the kitchen....making everyones requests.
This visit she made...
Chicken and corn soup for Alex
Trifle for Jarrad
Pinwheels for Briony
as well as....
Tuna Mornay ...Braised steak....and homemade meat pies....all our favourites of Mums.

She also became the focus of Mitchs antics....which gave the rest of us a week off.

Now today I'm SO excited again..... because...we have more family arriving for the weekend.
Its going to be a fabulous one.


  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    oh Mardi your poor mum, looks like Mitch has struck again ;)
    Megan xx

  2. Ahhh beautiful family... they really are precious... sounds like a wonderful visit Mardi... with lots of delicious favorites too...

    Jenny x

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful week together Mardi! Love the pics!:)

    Sheree xx
    ps. Happy Mothers' Day for Sunday!

  4. Oh Mardi, what special pics :) They made me happy looking at them, so i can only imagine how thrilled you are! I LOVE your lamp makeover from last post, how stunning! You have inspired me!