Brookeys new hat....

6 June 2011

Ive finally decided this hat is finished....
Ive redone the beak three times.....
first I crocheted one....but it wasn't right...
then I stitched on a felt one.....still not right....
Soooooooo...I had a third and final attempt.....a different felt beak....and I think this one is OK.

It was a really easy pattern to follow..... thanks and all credit must go to the pattern creator....((here))

(apologies for the photo overload....
I just loved some of the pics I took of Brookey today and wanted to share)

Then....this afternoon.....something very exciting happened.....
Bells learnt how to ride her bike....
She hasn't quite mastered both pedaling and steering at the same time.....but she has the pedals worked out....and its only a matter of time.


  1. Absolutely adorable. The hats pretty cute too. Clever you!

  2. Such sweet sweet photos Mardi... and love love love Brookey's new hat... how gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  3. Mardi the crochet hat is adorable but the star of the show is definitley Brooke, what a cutie, both girls are sooo photogenic, beautiful photos! Its not fair why don't you live closer so you can help me learn to crochet, I am really struggling trying to teach myself...fancy a holiday to Sydney??

  4. Anonymous11:30 am

    love the hat mardi your madel is very cute too :)

    Love those pics of Briony and Brooke they are awesome she looks like she loves being an aunty :) Shes too young to be getting clucky

  5. Oh so cute Mardi...just wanna kiss that gorgeous little face!!
    Great photo's too Mardi, just beautiful..

    Cherie xoxoxo

  6. Marg S11:25 pm

    Mardi, these photos are drop dead gorgeous! just beautiful!