My yellow bowl....

18 June 2011

Gosh don't I love an easy quick DIY project

I stumbled across this gorgeous little makeover on Becky Higgins blog....
 it uses an old pot...and some spray paint....
and the best bit was.....I happened to have both on hand.

(I'm just adding in that I bought my pot from a garage sale a few months ago.....its a brass pot....and had already started to turn that antique looking green tarnish in spots.
It had sat on the outdoor table for had become a collecting spot for important outdoor things the hose fittings.....matches for the candles.....
and all those little things the girls tend to put in their mouths.)

Anyway......the makeover..... I'm so ecstatically happy with it....
(although looking at Beckys again I think a little more distressing would be even better)

and my inspiration....
Beckys gorgeous version.


  1. Oh so gorgeous Mardi! Just like you to have some gorgeous pedestal pot on hand! Can't say I have anything of the sort around here!

  2. WOW Mardi, that is STUNNING!! What is the original pot made out of? I would love to do something like that one day. Just gorgeous!!

  3. It's fabulous Mardi. At first I wasn't sure which one was yours or Becky's. Good job. Did you have to treat the pot before you painted it? I have a brass one in my bathroom which would look great done like that. Fabulous. xx

  4. Ooh, LOVE it! Now that would have to make you feel happy every time you see it!

    I adore that list from your last post too - each point on that list is spot on!

  5. Fantastic!!! Love, love LOVE it!

  6. Wow that looks amazing Mardi!! You clever thing!

    Sheree xx

  7. Far out that is SO definatley have the knack for creating something beautiful from something not so beautiful.....loving the stool too:)