Happy birthday Bella...

26 September 2011

Finally this much awaited birthday arrived...
Bella turned 3

She had been singing happy birthday for weeks...
talking constantly about her 'happy birthday'
and one day when we were shopping she randomly told me that "You cant blow out the candles Nan.....only I can.....its my birthday" ...she is so funny.

You arrived around early in the morning......Mummy and Daddy had given you a buzz and Woody...
Daddy thought Buzz was the coolest....it had lots of fancy buttons.....but you were smitten with Woody.

Well you were.....until Uncle Mitch and Meg gave you a dancing dress and a Mater car.
You were so patient with Brooke.....and didn't mind her having a play with your new toys too.

Aunty Briony gave you the cutest little Lalaloopsy doll and a Barbie with really long hair....
and you also got some play doh and a baby doll that can go in the bath.

You had lunch with your Pa and spent the afternoon at the playground.....

Then it was back to Nan and Pops for dinner.....and your birthday cake.
Mummy made a witch cake that you had chosen from the birthday cake book...

You were so excited.....you called everyone to the table....and when we sang....you sang too....at the top of your voice.....you took a few blows to get all the candles out.

You sure did have a wonderful birthday....and now we get to experience life with a 3 year old....
you are such a dag.....its going to be a lot of fun.


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  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Bella. It looks like you got lots of gorgeous toys. Big squishy birthday hugs from me xx Janelle

  3. Jennifer9:20 am

    Happy Birthday Bella! Hope you have lots of fun with all your new toys, what a wonderful big sister you are, sharing with Brooke!

  4. Wow 3 already? Happy Birthday Bella! Looks like you got lots of fun presents!

    Sheree xx

  5. Happy Birthday Bella! Wow, you got lots of beautiful presents, have heaps of fun playing with them sweetie!

  6. Bella is so much like my curly headed grand-daughter who will be 3 in december,they are so georgous at this age.