New table runner....

2 September 2011

Now my family room has been given a new lease of life with its new paint job I felt that my old table runner was looking a bit tired.

So.....I dug through my stash to find something that would compliment my room better.

I used a linen tea towel for the basis of my design....and added in a few extra pieces from some gorgeous new fabrics I had bought recently.

I had no pattern....or clue what I was doing..... I just winged it from start to finish...

I'm pretty happy with the result... although....typical of me....
I've spied a new runner that I'm bursting to stitch...
its all Janelles fault....
her Orange Blossom runner is just too cute to resist !
Then this morning I spied Sheree's version.....and gosh....I'm even more smitten.
So far I've cut out my squares.....I just need to get busy on the appliques...


  1. Oh Mardi it's gorgeous!!!! I absolutely love your pretty mix of colour! Now I can't wait to see your version of "Orange Blossom" too! :)

    Sheree xx

  2. OOh I have seen this gorgeous runner in real life, it is SO beautiful. I just love it! I also can't wait to see a Mardi version of Orange Blossom too, I know I will love that as well. xx Janelle

  3. Wow, how gorgeous! That is so pretty and happy! I love your towels in the last post too, they look fantastic!

  4. Your house is looking so colourful and Mardi-fied! Just stunning :)

  5. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Your runner is beautiful! x Moi