What I wore Wednesday....

21 September 2011

Lets just say I've embraced the 12WBT program....
...at the moment life revolves around work and exercise.
So....my sum total of outfits this week have been PJ's...a work uniform and gym clothes.

Top - Converse (Melbourne)
Pants - Target trackies
Shoes - Asics
Heart rate monitor - Polar
Music - Ipod - loving Black eyed peas at the moment.

Once again.....dont forget to check on Janelle.....and these gorgeous girls who so often play along...


  1. Well done on getting so active! You look fab too.
    I am doing WIWW... and I gave you a shout out so I hope that is cool.

  2. You go girl, its great that you are so motivated, you look good! :)

  3. Fabulous Mardi! FABULOUS! Go YOU!!! You going to the after party in Sydney? So welcome to join us in share accommodation. Please do sing out, will look after you! xo

  4. Yay. Good for you Mardi..and if you do come to Sydney for the 12wbt after party, please, please let me know of course!!!!

  5. Go Mardi!! How wonderful that you've thrown yourself into this program. It's fantastic that you're so motivated! Keep up the great work!

    Sheree xx

  6. You look great!! Well done on throwing yourself into this training :)

  7. Fantastic Mardi! I'm sorry but I didn't end up joining in today :(
    Mel xo

  8. Wendy S4:39 pm

    Go Mardi, I did 3 rounds of 12wbt - it's an awesome program. A bit sad that I never got to any of the after parties. try & get there if you can

  9. YAY Mardi!!! You're a champ - I hope you're enjoying it! And you look GREAT!!!