Orange Blossom - runner

14 October 2011

Its been on the go for awhile.....
I have plugged away at it....
cutting some pieces here....
cutting the appliques there...
stitching the appliques...
blocking it together....
finishing off...
all done in little slots of time I had available.
So it felt like Id finished the marathon when it was done...
and I thought to myself.....
there is no such excuse as "not enough time".

So here she is...
my Mardi'fied version of Janelle's beautiful Orange Blossom runner.
I adored Janelle's original with its beautifully hand stitched appliques... but mine is a little different.
I used a raw edge rough applique in a contrasting thread...
and I think it turned out pretty OK.

It sure does brighten up the table too.


  1. Well done Mardi... it looks great:)

  2. omgoodness.... it's so sweet mardi! I definitely love the raw edge look. Gorgeous! Well done with your 12wbt journey too! hugs... xx

  3. Its gorgeous!! Well worth the marathon :) love the raw edges too.

  4. Gorgeous Mardi :))

    Jenny x

  5. It's gorgeous MArdi! Definitely Mardified!

  6. Anonymous11:49 pm

    it's so gorgeous!love those little flowers Mardi...and the colours are perfect :):)

  7. Mardi it's gorgeous!!! I love your beautiful mix of fabrics and your applique looks great too! It must be looking fabulous on your table!!

    Sheree xx

  8. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Your runner is so lovely and bright. I love the raw edge look.