What I wore Wednesday....

26 October 2011

I have nothing to share today..... sniff sniff

For some reason I'm just pooped this week....
Its possible I've been burning the candle a little from both ends.... I've had lots of extra shifts at work...
nowhere near enough hours in bed....and I've been dedicating a lot of time to the gym (a minimum of an hour each day....sometimes longer.)

....or it could just be the weather.

So for whatever reason.....
I haven't been online as much......
nor have I been dressed in anything other than gym clothes....uniform or PJs.

So.....I thought Id share a few things that Id LOVE to be wearing today....
if they were mine that is..

These cutest shoes.... ankle straps aren't always flattering when you have cankles like me.....but surely Id make an exception for these.

This skirt....LOVE it... in fact I love the entire look.....boots....tights....skinny legs....bag..

This adorable necklace....with cutest little owl....love everything about it.

This ring.....omgosh.....how divine!

and this gorgeous dress....

I am sure Ill be over my slump and back to normal programming next week....
Mardi x


  1. I love that dress and the necklace is just beautiful.

  2. LOVE LOVE that neclace & ring!! devine :) hope you get some much needed rest soon xx

  3. Fab idea! Love the dress, it would really suit you! Feel better! x

    My what I wore here: http://selina-whatwerewethinking.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-i-wore-wednesday_26.html

  4. Oh that necklace is so adorable! love that skirt too...and those shoes!

    Sheree xx

  5. oooh I love thos eshoes so much. I have fallen off the wagon the last couple of weeks. Good on you for being so committed to your exercise Mardi:)

  6. I love those shoes and the dress!!! I wish I could wear heels - I love so many! But I just feel like a dufus in heels - or a drag queen, LOL. THe dress is beautiful too. Thanks for that link - I haven't seen that website before.

  7. *sigh* great finds :)