Thrifty Thursday...

3 November 2011

I haven't had a chance to pop into the Op shops this week....
and to be truthful ....finding that quilt was the most amazing thing ever....
so I'm still basking in that glorious

So this week I'm joining in with Thrift Thursday and sharing a little DIY project that I created recently.

I have long admired those gorgeous "Keep Calm......" posters...
so when I came across this tea towel I  immediately had visions of it on my wall.
I had the perfect spot!!

It really was super simple.
I unpicked the hems on the tea towel and pressed it all flat.
I measured up and bought the nearest canvas I could in size.
The tea towel wasnt quite wide enough for the canvas so I added a strip of white fabric down each side
then positioned it over the canvas and using the staple gun....attached it firmly ...stretching it as I went.

I really love how it turned out...
and it matches my stool beautifully too.


  1. WOW Mardi, you are SO SO clever. I LOVE your new canvas and can totally picture it on your wall. I LOVE it. xx Janelle

  2. Jennifer9:46 am

    I love those Keep Calm posters, what a great idea! it does match your stool perfectly

  3. hi just had to follow your site it was nice to read it and keep going back to older posts. and now I have a smile on my face.looks like i will be a long time follower .have a look at my blog if you get the chance.thanks heaps deex

  4. Anonymous7:36 pm

    love that idea Mardi (the bird silhouette is very cute too), thanks for sharing !! and as for that quilt, oh my what a find, but you know what, I think that is the result of good karma because of all you so generously share with the crafting world ..... Jenni H

  5. What a clever idea, love it :)

  6. Looks fantastic Mardi! Goes so well with your cute stool too! Very clever!

    Sheree xx

  7. What a great idea!!! I will have to get out my irish linen tea towels and create some new wall art!!