12WBT - wrap up.

9 December 2011

Those that pop by my blog  will know that I've been taking part in the 
To say its been life changing is an understatement......
This photo alone blows me away......this is MY transformation......this is 12 weeks of good nutrition and working my ass off in the gym.......and this is proof that it all been SO worthwhile.
Michelle Bridges.....you and your program ..ROCK!

So....where am I at?
The 12 weeks have ended.....but my journey hasn't....I feel so inspired to continue.....I know I can shed more weight..... I have fitness goals to achieve....and the best bit.....
Mish has given me all the skills and resources I need to do it.

So in this 12 weeks.....
I lost just under 10 kilos ...
and a massive 55cm from my measurements.
I can fit into the smallest pair of jeans in my wardrobe...
I'm lighter than I've been in the last 10 years
I can finally get the rings off my fingers...
I'm learning to run....and I've stopped saying I cant run.....and began believing I can.
I've got my love of the gym back..... I'm there 5-6 days a week...
I love healthy food....and I've found its actually possible to crave a chickpea salad!
I've found foods that I never knew existed....quinoa is my favourite breakfast....
and lentils feature quite often on my menu.
I've taken up Yoga.....it makes me feel strong and balanced.
I am driven by my HRM...
I love my exercise clothes...and the fact I've had to replace them twice in smaller sizes over the 12 weeks.

So.....from here...
I will join again next round....
I want to continue working on my running...
I want to up my weights....and build more strength....
and Id love to lose another 5 - 7 kilos.


  1. Congratulations Mardi... you look fabulous... love the before and after shots... good on you...

    Jenny x

  2. GO MARDI! Yep, I can really see a difference in your face! Well done - you've done such a fantastic job and I'm sure you will continue to stay healthy!

  3. Anonymous9:40 pm

    inspirtional !! so glad to read that you see the difference & feel all the better for it - keep up the great work !! Jenni H

  4. Brenda10:12 pm

    Congratulations Mardi!! You are an inspiration.

  5. You look great well done for sticking with it.x

  6. well done Mardi...so proud of you...xxx

  7. You look SO great and sound SO positive! Yipee-aye-ay! Anything is possible!

  8. Congrats Mardi! Lots of people say they want to make good changes but you did it!

    It proves that even with a full and busy life ... you can do anything you want to.

  9. well done Mardi! I bet you feel fantastic. That's so great that you've created new habits. I never thought I could run anywhere but I have learned to run and love it. A great release for me.

  10. Wow Mardi, you are looking amazing! You must have worked so hard, congratulations to you!

  11. Yay Mardi!! Before and after photos really do bring it home for you don't they? You really do look awesome!! I totally agree with and relate to every single word of your post.... go girl!! :) Big Hugs... xx

  12. Marci, I think you are awesome. I think your blog is awesome too.

  13. WOw you go girl!!!
    Can really notice the difference in your face, you look amazing :)

  14. Oops-why is that "c" there instead of a "d"? Of course I meant Mardi.

  15. Well done Mardi! You look amazing!

  16. Mardi a huge congrats to you...you look AMAZING!!! You must be feeling so energized and proud of all your hard work! Well done!

    Sheree xx

  17. You are a legend! You look fabulous!