School Prom 2011

2 December 2011

Year 12 Prom night....
Such a special night.....its more than just a chance to dress up and make a grand also marks the end of the secondary schooling years.
Tonight Briony...Jarrad and her friends made us very proud.
Here is a quick snapshot of the night.....
(This is for you Donna....I know you'll be taking a look in the morning with your cuppa.)

Although there is a lot of preparation in the lead up....
there is always the last minute rush.....

Poor Jarrad.... broke his collar bone this he added a custom made black sling to his outfit.....and also had the job of finding a tie to match Brionys shoes....
His Mum ended up stitching one after the search was futile......and she also did Brionys hair beautifully.
(Thanks so much Wendy)

As usual we all gathered together for some pre-prom photos....
Bella loved seeing the girls all dressed up.....and wanted to to be part of the action.

These girls have been friends of Brionys all through her school years.....and it was so lovely that they were all together tonight and able to get these photos.
(I hope they don't mind me sharing)

...and a close up of Bries and Jarrad....

Brent's mate Peter kindly chauffeured them in his car....and Brent joined him....such a nice car.

...and here they are arriving at the Resort Hotel....about to step onto the catwalk...

So there we left them.....
Last I heard was a text message to say that she and Jarrad had won the 'cutest couple' award.
I know they will be having a wonderful night.....and I cant wait to hear all about it tomorrow.


  1. Thankyou Mardi...I am enjoying my morning coffee while reading your post...Briony looks beautiful....and how cool that they won the cutest couple....thanks for sharing...xxxx

  2. Oh my. Those shoes are delish.

    Great photos!

  3. Awww...the looks so beautiful! They all do! It's such a special time for them all. I'm sure they had a wonderful night!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous9:52 pm

    What an exciting time for Briony and her friends. The end of school brings so many different emotions. I hope they all had a great night out. Wonderful photos Mardi, thanks for sharing, they all look beautiful :)

    My little girl just had her end of year 6 formal. She starts high school in 2012, wow time flies!

    From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx