Vintage fabric square swap.....

5 December 2011

The Post Office has almost needed to add on an extension...
I've had so many parcels rolling up in the last few days.

These are all full of fabric goodness!

I thought it might be fun to see a few snippets of what they contain....
I just chose some random squares from random parcels...and as you can see...
the variety is wonderful.......its so exciting opening each one.....and seeing its contents.

These parcels contain some beautiful fabrics from all over Australia.

and some from the USA as well....

I know Ive included this in an email....
but Id love if you could get your squares sent off in the next few days.....
Any queries just shout.....or pop it in an email.
Have a super week.


  1. Oh how exciting!!!!! They all look wonderful! Have the PO peeps asked what this is all about? LOL. I wonder what they're thinking!

    Oh I'm sorry - you can tell mine weren't pressed. I didn't think to do that before I sent them!

  2. How fun to sort through them all...excited to see what returns!

  3. You should get mine in the next day or two! The squares are looking fabulous!

    Sheree xx

  4. Hi Mardi,
    I'm just sending mine today but I'll send them express post so they get to you quicker! Time has just flown and in a mad panic this morning I realized what the date was today!!

  5. Wow, how super! it must be such fun unpacking them all! The resulting quilts are going to be amazing.....we might need to set up a quilting progress blog once we get going? What do you think?

  6. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Loving what I'm seeing - can't wait to get the return package...mine were sent yesterday .... Jenni H