Day on the Green - Clare

27 February 2012

Saturday we were up bright and early......
and headed off to 'a day on the green' at Annie's Lane in Clare.
There is something extra fun about loading 12 friends onto a bus and heading off on a 'road trip'
The weather was ridiculously hot......and there were literally thousands of people....eskys and deck chairs.

Id have to be truthful and say the first few hours in the scorching sun were not all that much fun....
but as the sun settled.....and the evening cooled slightly it was perfect.

The line up for the day.....
Choir boys
Richard Clapton
Ian Moss 

Just for the record my favourite was.....Dragon

Id love to think we might get there again next year....
Its just a damn good day!


  1. Sounds like a great night- other than the inital heat, we missed it this year....and it almost killed me!!LOL

    Did you see Amanda H there??

  2. That must have been SO much fun Mardi! Great pics!

    Sheree xx

  3. OMG Mardi - WE WERE SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!!! I can see our group in your photos! I am in a black t-shirt and skirt in one of your photos. This is crazy stuff!! We were literally the next group over from you!

  4. I was there too - and I agree, dragon were my favourite too. We were sitting over near the mist tent, and made sure we used it LOL - it was SO hot!
    Nic xxx