The vintage fabric square swap.....quilts in progress

4 February 2012

 I have earmarked this weekend.....
to begin on my vintage fabric square quilt... I've circled it on the calendar....called for peace and quiet...
and psyched myself up.

Soon....very soon.....Ill have one of these too....

Check out these AMAZING versions by....


Yvettes in progress

and I know I've seen others in my blog travels....which I would love to include.
Soooooo.....if you don't mind me adding yours to my little show and tell....please leave me a comment and Ill come and steal a photo and link.

Have a super weekend.....
Mardi x


  1. oh! Aren't they beautiful! Good luck completing yours Mardi..x

  2. Oh those quilts are looking so fabulous!!! I'll look forward to seeing yours come together too Mardi! Haven't started mine yet but hope to get to it soon!

    Sheree xx

  3. Oh, gorgeous! I loved seeing some of my squares on those quilts...very inspiring and extremely motivating!

  4. Hi Mardi, thanks for the opportunity to participate:) Ive updated my blog so feel free to come grab a pic and share:)