What I wore Wednesday....

29 February 2012

Its kind of weird to be digging the jeans out today....
we have had such hot and humid weather for weeks that...
wearing jeans seems plain ridiculous!
Plus....as we stepped out to take these shots it began to drizzle rain as well....

Today I'm wearing....
Jeans - Target...had for ages.... destined for the Salvos as they are now to big.
T-shirt - also Target.....I rarely wear it because it has weird length sleeves....but its perfect under a cardi.
Cardi - Brand spanking new from Target....I loved the  heart detail and the colour!!
Belt - Op shop
Shoes - Big W wedges
Necklace - a gift from Janelle....its beautiful and comes from here

Id love to link up again to whoever is playing along.....so leave me a comment and Ill add you to my list.
I noticed Janelle looking gorgeous this morning as I read her WIWW post here....and Lis as well ....and Yvette's post is here too.
Have a great day everyone...x


  1. I love love love that cardy, the heart detail is so sweet. You are looking really fantastic!
    Will be popping my wwiw post up very soon.

  2. You look gorgeous Mardi. I love that we are wearing similar outfits today and necklaces that we gave each other too - so fun!! Love that you can go shopping soon for smaller jeans too, I know how much that will mean to you. Gorgeous outfit xx Janelle

  3. I've just been at Janelle's blog and saw that you're wearing similar outfits! Love this - I LOVE the yellow cardi (especially teamed with dark denim). Yellow isn't a colour I can wear - except for on my feet cos that's far enough away from my face LOL.

  4. love the cardi - I wonder if they have other colours

  5. http://shop.target.com.au/free-fusion-heart-intarsia-cardi
    It's available in red - I can wear red
    Thanks for enabling!

  6. Oooh cute yellow cardi Mardi!!! Love it! You look so fabulous!!!

    Sheree xx