What I wore Wednesday...

14 March 2012

I have decided I need some new clothes...
I am a little over wearing the same ones over and over...or perhaps I'm just ready to move into a new season....and crack out the winter jeans...boots and scarves.

I'm certainly not wishing away this beautiful warm weather....so Ill make do with what I've got for a little longer.

You may recall the aqua coloured linen pants I picked up from the Op shop....
at the time I wasn't sure if Id keep them or not....
but I'm so thankful I did..
I cheated and paid $12.00 to have them hemmed...
I could have done it ...but I knew Id put them on a 'to-do' list....and summer would end....and Id still not have them done.....so it was money well spent.
They are comfy with a capital C.
Today they are teemed with my ever faithful black singlet....and white crop cardi.

Pants - atmosphere 100% linen - Op shop
Singlet - Bonds
Cardi - cropped white bolero style from Crossroads 
Shoes - black ballet flats (you will have to take my word for it...Mitch cut my feet off)
Necklace - wooden... raided from Brionys room.

What did you wear today?


  1. They look great! So glad that you kept them, they look good on you. I love the necklace.
    My post going up very soon.

  2. Lookin' good! Those pants look fabulous. (And I'm like you... I have a maxi dress that has been lying around waiting for repairs for about a month now!)

    Today? Today I am wearing short black flippy skirt, white tank, statement stainless steel necklace, black headband. But I am about to go for a run, so that will all change as soon as I'm finished my blog hop :)

  3. The pants fit you so well. I really love that necklace too! And is that the same cardi you're wearing in your profile pic?

    I'm wearing sweaty gym gear at the moment and there's no point changing till after I've walked the 3km round trip to school this arvo! LOL.

  4. That necklace is so cute Mardi! Love it! Still love those pants!

    Sheree xx