Bookey turns two

17 April 2012

 Our littlest bubba turned two today....
As per tradition....we all gathered for dinner....presents and some seriously noisy play.
Brookey knew it was HER day...
she had present unwrapping totally under control.
 .....well except for those darn cable ties.
 Bella struggled with the whole "Brookes birthday.....Not Bella's birthday concept"
but luckily Brooke was happy to share... most of the time anyway.
 It was a lovely birthday dinner...
with a chocolate pudding cake.....just like Daddy has....
and one tired but very happy two year old had the most wonderful birthday!


  1. Jennifer1:36 pm

    A big belated Happy Birthday Brooke, looks like you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Brookey! She is growing way too quickly!