Project 365 - March

13 April 2012

I actually did it...
not only did I complete a month of the 'photo a day challenge'
I also managed to capture another 31 days of March memories....
1 - My new iphone...and probably the reason for my success.
2. I began piecing my vintage square quilt.
3.All the big kids on the couch at one time.
4. Mitch glued his play station....again!
5. traffic on the way into Adelaide ... mr breast clinic appointment.
6. Briony off to basketball.
7. Briony baking a birthday cake for Wendy (Jarrads Mum)
8. My new top from the Op shop.
9.The moon was huge as we were coming back into Barmera...
10. Ians Mum and Dad ...out for dinner ....our crabbing weekend.
11. Crabs....success....yum.
12. Some custom order owls.
13. Poor Bells is unwell.
14. Finally up to quilting the vintage square quilt.
15. Brents birthday dinner a night early as he was going to be in Adelaide seeing the wedding celebrant on his actual birthday.
16. Brents birthday.
17. The boys head off for the buck show.
18. Mitch vacuums.....cant believe it....apparently its a hangover cure.
19. Mitch making smoothies.. the 'uh oh' when he blended with the lid off had me dreading the mess.
20. Pizza them
21. The quilt....its finished...YAY!
22. Jars...Ive been collecting them....washing them.. and preparing for the wedding.
23. Bella adds some very inventive eyes to Mr Man.
24. We head back to Bordertown to Carly's ' beauty and the geek' themed 21st.
25. Bella glad to be out of the car after our trip home to Bordertown.
26. Cleaning cleaning cleaning.....the house is a mess.
27. Coffee at Maccas after a pre-wedding meeting at the reception venue.
28. Made a yummy red grape cake using a recipe from Chars vegie patch cookbook.
29. Lots of lazy evenings under the pergola....Shaun on the balmy evenings..
30.Garry finished the wedding cake and its perfect.
31. Brent and Alex's wedding day....and it couldn't have been better.

So thrilled I completed the entire month....and I'm well on track with April as well....Yay me!

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  1. love it .... such a neat way to record a month of family