What I wore Wednesday....

11 April 2012

I'm sad.
Our visitors are making their way home...Ian dropped them at the airport early this morning...
 insert seriously sad face here  :( 
Now the house is deathly quiet.... other than the hum of the washing machine....dishwasher and 
vacuum cleaner.... no kids....clatter of dishes...no play station....no noise at all.

I have to admit I was in my PJs until mid morning.....
before I  quickly changed to make a trip to the Post Office.

So... here is a little of what I am wearing today....
Tshirt - Big W
Denim jacket - Op shop
Scarf - bought from the Sunday markets on the weekend.
Necklace - a new favourite purchased from here


  1. Oh no dont be sad, im sure you will have visitors again soon!
    Love that scarf and the necklace is so sweet.

  2. Would you believe I thought it was Tuesday all day, silly me. I wore my matching necklace that you gave me today too. Love your scarf, necklace and outfit. Big hugs for your friends leaving, I know how sad you must be. xx Janelle

  3. Oh that's a gorgeous peek at your outfit. I love the scarf with the denim jacket. ANd how fantastic are your new oppie boots!!!

    It's hard to say goodbye hey - especially when they live so far away. :(