In the kitchen - Meatless Monday...

28 May 2012

I'm not sure what happened really.... I've morphed into a crazy cooking lady...
its not baking that excites me....its meals...vegetables.... delicious flavours and combinations.
As if I wasn't hooked enough.... I went and bought this book.... I'm totally smitten.

So tonight we feasted on the most delicious Eggplant Parmigiana from the book....
I found the recipe online for anyone who is interested....but I highly recommend purchasing the wont be disappointed.

I also made this brown rice salad.......we had some for dinner....but the remainder will make a lovely lunch box item for the week ahead.
It has brown rice, onion, garlic and lemon zest cooked in vegetable stock until tender.
Then to that I added basil, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and slivered almonds.
then its all combined with a dressing made from lime juice, vinegar and Dijon mustard.
Top with parsley....and serve warm...although I'm sure its going to be beautiful cold as well.
I thought Id join in and link up with Veggie Mama for meatless Monday this week.


  1. Yum, and thanks for the review on Facebook. I may just give it a go and make my parents be Guinea Pigs as we all have the phobia about the bitterness thing.... Also I love brown rice so can't wait to make that salad!! I'm putting on weight with all this healthy eating.. So yummy I eat too much of it!! Hahaha!! And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Mwah!! xx

  2. LOL!! at the morphing into a foodie comment Mardi, there is hope for me yet!! Those receipes look delish...and this cold weather certainly entices one to cook yummy wholesome foods ey!!??

  3. Looks absolutely delicious Mardi... there really are so many fabulous ways to create wonderful vegetable dishes... my friend is a vegetarian... and I am always amazed... and inspired by what she cooks... looks like that book is a winner...

    Jenny x

  4. I have the cookbook and have yet to cook from it.

  5. Anonymous7:19 am

    can you please pop the whole recipe up for the brown rice salad cheers Mandie

  6. How good is Hugh! Love the look of your rice salad too. Thanks for linking up! Xx

  7. Anonymous7:51 pm

    The brown rice salad sounds delicious... Good on you Mardi for inspiring me and I'm sure many others to give these recipes a go! And I would love the full recipe also!!

    Leanne :)