Meal planning...

15 May 2012

I used to be hopeless at meal planning...
I would wait until 5.30pm and then rush around in a panic....with no idea what to cook...
I would waste too much....not buy the right things.... and not plan ahead at all.
Then a couple of years ago... I began planning....and shopping once a week...
and it worked.
I no longer see meal times as a chore.

So once a week I sit with recipe books.... my planner and my shopping list... and I get sorted for the week.
I use a Typo daily planner pad to record what we will be having each day.
I check the fridge and pantry to see what I have that needs using up....and plan my meals around that as much as possible.
Like this week I had sweet potatoes and pumpkin left over....
so we have Shepards pie with sweet potato topping plus pumpkin soup on the menu.
When I come across a recipe Id like to try... I bookmark the page... and then try to include it when I'm next planning a week..... that way we try lots of new things... and of course we also have a favourites that are included over and over again.

Once I have my shopping list complete I head out of town to the vegetable stalls...
We are so lucky to have fresh fruit and vegetables available straight from the grower....
its always fresh....and incredibly cheap.

There is nothing nicer than jamming all this beautiful produce into the fridge.... and knowing that we are all set for meals again for another week.


  1. Fabulous Mardi... I am a meal planner too... but we probably have more of the same each week... so you have just inspired me to add some new recipes into the mix... love your Typo planner... love Typo...

    Jenny x

  2. YUM!! All those veggies makes me happy!! I used to meal plan and haven't for ages, but I'm very much over the kids eating habits in this house so am going to get right back into planning and encouraging these little girls to eat more healthily and to try new things. I was actually in tears tonight after tea with frustration and sadness about it all... I just have to keep trying. I said to my husband that it's the biggest *f* up of my life that these two are such horrors to feed, especially food and I have a particularly fantastic relationship I feel as if it's all my fault... Anyway, sorry for the offload, your list has got me feeling motivated and heaps better!! xxx

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    LOL :) I still run around in a panic some nights not knowing what the dinner menu will be but I am more organised 90% of the time which is a relief.

    I have been trying a new fruit and veg shop here close to where I live in Sydney just to compare quality and price. It is amazing how much difference there is between some sellers.

    Have a great week and keep safe xxoo

    From Susan McGuire (smiles1965 from Scrapboxx).