Thrifty Thursday....

10 May 2012

It was Monday....
It was my day off...
I felt like coffee...
but our local coffee shop is closed on Mondays...
So I conned Briony into going to Berri with me.....with the feeble excuse that I wanted to shop at Woolworths for a change....when really my intention all along was to call into the cafe there and get myself a coffee.
So ....with coffee in hand.....I mentioned perhaps we should browse the Op shop while we were so close.
I was thrilled to get myself a new denim jacket .... my old one is a little large on me now.
 (Photo of that another day)

Then as we were leaving I came across these....
and it was 1/2 price they were the grand price of $9.99

I waited with them at the counter....then almost changed my mind and put them back....
but I loved the colours..
but I never use tea cups......
but they are so sweet....and so cheap....
but I already have a house full of things I don't use....
 I had a very active internal dialogue going on....
buy them?...not buy them?.... buy them??
In the end I did.

I have no idea about the origin or values of china.....
I only collect the pieces I love by colour and pattern.

These are stamped 'Midwinter Porcelon Burslem England'

(after consulting Google....I now actually do know a little about Midwinter was first established in 1910.....then bought by Wedgwood in 1970 and closed down in 1987. )

Oh and my shopping trip to Woolworths.... disastrous!
I hate that store....
I hate their specials where you are forced to buy two items to get a discount.....what if I only want one?
I hate that they stock all their own brands.....and very little of others....and of course they make their brands cheaper than the competitors....
I guess their plan is to eventually only stock their brands...
 then they can jack the price up to whatever they want.
I hate that they never have any staff on the checkouts....
and I hate the queues!
I would much rather shop at out local IGA any day.
(Off soap box now)


  1. Oh Beautiful! A family heirloom perhaps one day? :) I really love the colours..

    As for Woolies.. I feel your pain. We have 3 in our main street with a fourth currently being built. Is that a take over or what?!

  2. Brenda10:01 am

    Love your pretty teacups and saucers.

    I'm in the US and we have stores that do the same thing. I completely understand how you feel.

  3. Oh yeh I am hearing you rarely walk into Woolies these days!!! Love your special finds so glad you went with your heart and not your head and they made their way into your home! Have a great day x

  4. Blah to Woollies! I so agree! I use my local little supermarket, it is great.

    Love the teacups. I am hopelessly in love with pretty china and can barely resist it in the op shops, although I regularly use a mug for my coffee.

    Many years ago, when I first came to Australia, my little old next door neighbour would invite me to afternoon tea. We always had pretty tea cups and a lovely tablecloth........such a sweet thing to do.

  5. I never thought I'd see the day when I say to someone OMG I love your tea cups!!! So there you have it - you've inspired me to go scouting around my local op shop :-)

    As for Woollies, don't get me started. I've been boycotting ours for months now, I only go there top buy their supa dupa specials (like Colgate toothpaste for $1) I'd much rather support our local fruit and veg or Franklins even if it does cost a little extra.

    Hope all is well with you xxxx

  6. Love the pretty cups - you know you could always make candles in them...

    As for WW, I deliberately don't buy home brand in any of the supermarkets as all the competitors seem to disappear. And I don't buy their fruit and veg, instead go to the vege shop right out the front of WW!!

  7. Diane6:00 pm

    I think we should all support the local supermarket. IGA Erina is all about service - you hardly ever wait in a queue and if you do it is not for long.
    And guess what Mardi - coffee right next door!

  8. Anonymous11:38 am

    Those teacups are gorgeous! I would have bought them too. I understand your Woolies woes. :(
    Moi xx