The girlies...

1 June 2012

I havent shared an update in awhile...
Poor Mum hasn't even seen Chooks new hair here is a quick little snap shot...

Miss Bells is a lover of 
occasional care kindy....
(Alex gets her in maybe one morning every couple of weeks....she loves her friends there)
playing hide and seek
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 here I come ready or get a 8 second window to hide and she is off)
playing Mum to all her 'babies'
(We love her little conversations....and pretend play)
watching Peppa pig
(I love ABC kids... beats having to look for the remote to put a DVD on)
wearing summer clothes even in winter
(This is an ongoing battle....she loves pretty summer dresses... and bare arms..argh)
bananas and sandwiches....
(Still on the promite and jam sandwiches...yum..not)

Miss Chook is a lover of...
rubber gum summer or winter
(She loves her boots....thankfully she has them in most colours to match...and they are kinda practical too)
food...of any kind
No risk of Chook fading away.....she loves most food.....and even cleans up Bellas scraps)
playing outdoors
They both love outdoors.....but Chook loves to pick flowers.... scratch in the dirt.....and investigate)
snuggles and kisses
She is such a snuggler.... and she hugs like a Bengal tiger squeezing so tight she almost hurts.. she kisses lots always adding the mmmmmmwaaaaaaah sound effect.
Peppa pig
This always grabs her attention......I dont think she even blinks when she is watching Peppa pig
getting into mischief
Golly gosh.....on some days.... you are a whirlwind of mischief.. you are into everything.

We are so lucky to have this pair of munchkins loving and entertaining us every day.


  1. Beautiful post Mardi... yes, definitely lucky... and they are two incredibly gorgeous little munchkins indeed... still trying to envision promite and jam as a combo... seems I'm not adventurous enough at

    Jenny x

  2. Gorgeous girls. Brooke looks so grown up with her haircut. I bet you're just the lovliest Nan Mardi.

  3. Gorgeous post Mardi. What a lucky Nan you are to have two such beautiful girls who you get to share so much with.

    PS. I love bracelets on chubby wrists. :)

  4. Anonymous4:36 pm

    You are very blessed having those litle girls in your life:)

    Thanks for the update, I love seeing their photos and reading about what they are up to.

    Have a safe and fun week ahead and take care of yourself xxoo

    From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) at Scrpaboxx.