What I wore Wednesday.....

18 July 2012

This morning Briony and I headed out for some girl time together....we popped into some Op shops....and bought ourselves some lunch. Its not often we are both on a day off at the same time....
so we made the most of it.

Today my entire outfit was chosen to match this gorgeous necklace.
I couldn't believe it when a parcel arrived in the post this week..... only to find that it was another birthday gift from my dear friend Janelle... who has spoilt me terribly this year.

I LOVE it.... 

You may remember Sophie from the Block was wearing one.....thats where the LOVE began.
Janelle put on her sleuth outfit and tracked down the source.....then secretly ordered one to surprise me.
Thank you so very much.....I LOVE it so much!!

So using the necklace colours as a guide.....I got myself dressed....making sure I had plenty of layers for warmth as its freezing here today.

Necklace - a gift form a dear friend
Dress - Temt this season
Cardi - Temt many moons ago
Leggings - Good ole Target
Boots - Betts this season
Me....feeling decidedly frumpy today actually...LOL

So that's what I was wearing on this freezing winter Wednesday.


  1. OOh how exciting to see your necklace on. I am SO thrilled you love it, I just knew you would. I adore your outfit too - you look gorgeous!! So glad you and Briony had a lovely girls day out together too xx

  2. Oh you look so cute Mardi. By the way, that outfit would not cut it on a freezing day here!

    I loved Sophie's necklace too! How gorgeous of Janelle to give you one! I made myself a banner necklace after seeing tiny glimpses of Sophie's and without putting too much thought into the size of the banners. They are huge and possibly a bit silly LOL.

  3. Such a cute necklace Mardi! I just commented on Janelles WIWW and said that if I took pics of my WIWW, it would be quite boring as I have always have my red and black work uniform on :)