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9 August 2012

Its been awhile since I shared any Op shop finds... 
which Id say is mainly due to very little success on my recent trips.
It certainly has been slim pickings of late.

Plus... there's no doubt I've got fussier.... if I cant think of a use....or I don't really need it... 
I leave it for someone else to find and enjoy.

However....fabric is always hard to these were all much loved finds.
a hounds-tooth remnant...
a couple of vintage sheets...
and a pair of sweet little curtains....

Which happen to be the sweetest Holly Hobbie pattern...

This dear little metal picture.... it reminded me of our neighbours on the farm... I'm sure they had similar pictures in their home. I did try to Google it with no success.

Then there were these two cushions that I bought at Janelles local Op shop on my recent visit.
I have to thank Janelle for these..... I hadn't even noticed them until she pointed them out.. Yippee happy me!!
 I was delighted to bring home a little treasure to remember my they will look just beautiful on the spare beds that I'm planning for the girls.

Here is a close up of their gorgeous Nanna'ness.
(Don't they bring back memories?.....they do for me)

So that's it for me... a few little bits and pieces have found their way into my heart and home.....
What have you found lately?


  1. Hi Mardi, Mia and I just went to Vinnies this morning and I picked up some plain pink bedsheets, and a few books too!I have lots of flowery bedsheets now, and want to make a quilt of some sort each for the girls out of all this loveliness, but have to work out what and how yet!! xx

  2. oh lucky you, the cushions are stunners..... ive ebeen looking for blue floral vintage sheets for a while now but pickings are slim here too :(


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