My sugar free kitchen....

10 August 2012

As I've been browsing through  sugar free recipes I've often seen Coconut butter listed as a key ingredient....but Id been having trouble sourcing it in my local store...
then I cam across this recipe from Lexies kitchen and it seemed doable.

I was initially worried as I don't have a whizz bang blender....but it worked really well in my food processor.. I added some coconut oil to my shredded coconut as per the recipe....and after a few minutes I almost gave up thinking it wasn't working.....then all of a sudden it changed and became a liquid....dada! it worked.

The taste?..... well I am not a huge fan of it as is..... but there is a long list of uses on Lexies blog post....and I now have that elusive ingredient for those recipes I've been waiting to try.

So with my batch of coconut butter all prepared I thought Id give this chocolate hazelnut fudge recipe a try....
It was simple to make....and really tasty when you are hankering a 
sweet treat. However I did find it a little sickly.and I cut it into small bite size pieces and popped it in the will hit the spot on occasions when I need a 'sugar free' sweet fix.

My other success this week was this Paleo Pumpkin Bread recipe by Teresa Cutter...
I loved it.... it was delicious warm with a little spread of butter...
Its not sweet if you are thinking of sweet like banana bread... you may be disappointed.

What successes have you had in your 'sugar free' kitchen this week?
I'd love to hear and share.


  1. This is definitely something I want to try once I've had my the moment, sometimes sugar is what gets me through the day!

    I've been tested for autoimmune disease risks after other tests could not explain the symptoms I was having. Removing added sugar from the diet is one way to reduce the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

    So...even though it is not definite that I will have an AID in the future, and that tests are still required, I plan to start making our home as sugar free as possible.

    Thanks for putting up the recipes that you try and love. I'll definitely be coming back (as I do weekly) when it comes time to change my eating habits!

  2. Choc Hazelnut Fudge. I love those three words and combined they sound even better! My friend will love that they are dairy free

    Stampin’ Stuff Blog

  3. Oh my goodness... more deliciousness Mardi... the chocolate fudge looks scrumptious.... as does the pumpkin bread... can't wait to try them out... love that you can freeze the fudge too... sometimes you just want that little bit of something sweet... thanks for sharing...

    Jenny x