Weekend reading....

21 September 2012

You know what I'm looking forward to this weekend?
I'm looking forward to finally reading every inch of the newest edition of etzcetera magazine....its available here for those that haven't already bought it.

I have had a skim through already of course..but you know how it is with magazines.....its always nice to come back and read every inch.....and this one is loaded with such gorgeous articles... photography....
and inspiring crafty people.
(Thanks so much Kim for another brilliant issue)

I did have a little contribution too this month....
Yvette and I joined together to share our 'worm farming' stories....its nice to be a fellow farmer with Yvette.

I had asked the girlies to help me out with some photographs...with the 'lorms' as they call them.
I thought Id share a couple of the out-takes.

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  1. It is another beautiful and inspirational issue that's for sure Mardi... and love those pics of the girls and the lorms... awww... so cute...

    Jenny x