Whats crackalackin...

19 October 2012

I have been giving this a lot of thought of late....
and I'm still unsure of what to do....and what is right for me.

I have had a shift in my priorities.... I feel it.....I know it...
and its permanent....I can tell.

Its like giving up smoking.....and becoming a reformed smoker.... the mere sniff of smoke turns your stomach and you feel like getting on your high horse and preaching loudly about how terrible smoking is....and you cant for a minute imagine how you ever did it to yourself.

That's how I now feel about my diet and lifestyle.

I am quite OK with people thinking I am a little strange...and I am OK with those who think my diet is 'not normal' ..even though its never felt more normal in my life. I am quite OK with my own family giving each other the 'cuckoo' sign every now and then when I mention another little change I am making...although I have noticed no resistance as I phased out plastic drink bottles...and almost every packet of processed food.....and they are well aware that as every product I currently use runs out.....they will be replaced with healthier alternatives....I wonder if deep down they know this is the right thing for them too.

I guess it didn't happen overnight.....I slowly evolved until I reached this place....and I know I have a LOT further to travel....and lots of new ideas to explore and incorporate....but this is where I'm at....

I no longer want to fuel my body with anything other than healthy nutrient rich foods.... I no longer want to restrict what I eat.....or count calories...or exercise myself to exhaustion.
I would much prefer to only feed myself healthy wholesome foods....foods that give me lots of bang for my buck....foods that fill me up.....but don't spike my blood sugar... and give me a slumping low an hour later.
Id prefer to exercise every day more gently.....I still like my gym sessions.... and the occasional run.....but I don't want to be driven by how many calories I burn on my heart rate monitor.
(I do want to mention here that I think intense exercise....calorie counting and calorie burning was an absolutely essential part of my journey..... the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program was my turning point...it was where I finally took control....and launched myself off into my own directions.....and I also lost 10kgs!!)

Instead of choosing the same old products and foods....I want to make informed choices....reduce our waste....reduce the toxins in and around our home.....I no longer want to smother my body in cocktails of ingredients that may smell nice but are quietly disrupting my hormone balance....or god knows what else.

I no longer want to waste food.... or run out of time to water my garden...or compost my scraps....
I want to make time to do these things properly.

I want to be free to read...research....collect recipes...ideas...without feeling a constant pressure to meet a deadline....or do something else that is totally rewardless.
(Gosh that sounds a bit selfish....but its how I feel)

So....during this process I have started to question a lot of other things in my life....
I've wondered why I attach so much importance to things that bring me so little.

Those that know me well know that I am driven to achieve something every single day...I add stupid pressures to my life....for absolutely no reason.
My family are easy going..... they don't care if we eat eggs for dinner....or if the floors aren't mopped today.....it makes no difference to them.....so why do I have this self imposed pressure to make it all perfect every single day!

I no longer want to feel obliged to blog..... and when I do....I don't want to feel as though I need to sensor every word.....its exhausting...and draining.
 I like to write it down and move on.
This is the one thing I have given a LOT of thought to....
why do I blog?
what do I want from this?
does it enrich my life in any way at all?

In all honesty....this was my reply...
The one and only reason I blog is to share my thoughts....experiences and findings with family and friends.
I do not do it for money...
I do not do it to collect followers.... or comments....or notoriety.
So.... why the pressure then to Blog every week?... who knows!

So for now..I'm stepping back....and just sharing as I feel I want to....and freeing up that time for more important things in my life at the moment.... which is settling into my routine of healthy food and healthy life.

I have some new goals...which include hopefully some formalised study in the area of holistic nutrition...I think I've finally lit a spark ....my desire to study is returning.

I am also spending as much time as possible sharing my knowledge with my children.... supporting them as they make new food and product choices too... and I need to briefly mention here how proud I am of Mitch and Meg who have embraced a Sugar...Gluten and Dairy free diet too over the last 5 or so weeks....and have seen some amazing results with Mitch's crohns disease.

I will still keep up my weekly updates of my current 12 week detox.....you can read them here
but the rest for now will be hit and miss.


  1. Good for you Mardi! Please do continue to post because I love hearing about what you are up to.

  2. Marg S4:10 pm

    Totally understand what you're saying, & support your choices. I will continue to look forward to catching up with you & your little family, whenever you feel like sharing. I wish you all the best with your journey.

  3. Oh gosh Mardi, I can relate to all of your post!
    I have moved through different phases to get where I am with my eating too. I now consider Paleo to be my way of life, what my body was designed to eat. Along the way I have changed my families eating and others around me and I am excited about it.
    The most liberating thing of all was realising I don't need to diet, count calories or do excessive exercise. so freeing!
    But in the process I have lost my desire to blog...it's almost like a journey everyone must make for themselves.
    i love your blog and you are very inspiring
    Thank you for sharing your journey here.

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  5. Good on you! Glad you're feeling healthy and invigorated. I can hear it in the way you write. Whenever you want to blog, we'll be here, interested to hear how you and your beautiful family is going. xx

  6. Brenda12:51 pm

    I really enjoy your blog Mardi and look forward to reading your posts. I treasure the quilt I made through your quilt square exchange sometime ago. I wish you the best in all you do.

  7. oh Mardi, you know i feel very similar to you in many areas:)

    I love that you are thinking of holistic nutrition,,,you go girl.

    Im still standing on the edge thinking about my study and and the pressures i will be putting on myself to achieve success in my studies. But then you know that too:)

    I also get cranky at myself when i finally manage to get to my vegie garden and its out of control:(

    Good luck with it all......xxxx

  8. oh Mardi, you know i feel very similar to you in many areas:)

    I love that you are thinking of holistic nutrition,,,you go girl.

    Im still standing on the edge thinking about my study and and the pressures i will be putting on myself to achieve success in my studies. But then you know that too:)

    I also get cranky at myself when i finally manage to get to my vegie garden and its out of control:(

    Good luck with it all......xxxx

  9. i will mis your post and look forward to those you so manage to do.good luck-love deex

  10. Anonymous9:33 am

    Thank you for sharing all the interesting information on your blog. I am very proud of you and how you have made so many changes to your lifestyle and eating routine.

    I am impressed and inspired. Over the last few weeks I have cut back on how much sugar I eat but so far can not give it up completely. One step at a time...LOL

    I am glad you and your family can see and feel positive results from the changes you have made. That's exciting :)

    Keep well Mardi and have a wonderful week. Look forward to reading your blog updates no matter now often you feel like doing them.

    Lots of love from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  11. Love readiing your blog Mardi but totally understand your decision to do what is right for you. You have given me lots of food for thought over the past few months re your health changes, not where you are that is for sure but making small changes :)

  12. Wow what a post, You are such a strong inspirational woman Mardi, I love that you are so proud of your choices and can feel a change in your world. Life is a gift we need to nurture and cherish it.

    Keep up the great work Mardi.

    Take care
    Cherie xoxoxo

  13. You are so inspiring Mardi. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and good on you for making choices that feel right for you. Good luck with all the changes, and I look forward to reading about your journey when you feel like blogging :)

  14. just called in from a flickr photo - and saw 'the love supreme' - robbie fan ??

  15. Good on you Mardi!! You are inspiring with your posts, so i will continue to pop on in here to catch up with your journey. Enjoy all those precious moments with your family...it is what matters the most- yourself and your family. Keep well. xxx

  16. Good on YOU Mardi... another inspiring and soul connecting post... a beautiful place to be... consciously embracing what you want in your life... love it !! In so many ways your posts reflect my thinking... just had the best report from my doctor with mega amounts of improvement in my health... which started with embracing the sugar less journey that was inspired by you... and study in holistic nutrition... awesome... can so see you doing that...

    Jenny ♥

  17. Hi Mardi, I haven't caught up on your blog lately, but have just read this post. I hope you do continue to blog, I really do love reading your posts...(Although I totally understand as I haven't blogged for over two months, not sure why) I am a long way from where you are at, and to be honest have been going backwards with the food I put in my mouth. I have started back on my csiro plan, I do love it and there is not too many processed foods in it either..
    I am truly very intersted in the changes you are making and the journey! Thanks for sharing!! xx