Our October

5 November 2012

Here she goes...
This was our October.....

1st - Garry and I sorted the recycling at work.
2nd - Chicken and salad for lunch today
3rd - I had a helper while I was sewing today
4th - My vegies are growing
5th - Mitch installed my new cupboard in the kitchen
6th - Ian and I headed to Adelaide for some market shopping
7th - Checked out a gorgeous store in Adelaide called E is for Ethel
8th - Over to Renmark for odd jobs
10th - Bells had her second day at Kindy
11th - I had a pantry clean out
12th - Brooke had her first day in occasional care
13th - Ian and I took the girlies to Ardrossan for the weekend.
14th - enjoying Ardrossan
15th -Vegie shopping day
16th -Made a delicious quinoa salad
17th- Breast week meant the trees in Berri were full of Bras
18th -Visited Mitch and Meg for dinner tonight.
19th -Brookie over at Nans
20th -Brock and Kurt came up and went camping with the boys
21st -The boys are bogged
22nd -Love picking homegrown produce
23rd -Briony ordered this gorgeous necklace from lucky horn on  Etsy
24th - Briony is eating healthy....so proud of her
25th -Pineapple from the market....delciious
26th -Night shift....not so delicious
27th -Halloween night at the Cobby club ...girlies loved trick or treating
28th -Massive clean and cull in my craft room
29th - Gym session tonight
30th - Mitch has his follow up at the Naturopath
31st - Banking fundraising for the Relay for Life

Thats it folks...


  1. Another fabulous month by the sounds Mardi... loving the name... E is for Ethel... will have to check out your link... love the bra decorated trees... and delicious muffins...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Love, love, love the calendar of photos, Mardi! Maybe that's the inspiration I need to actual complete a photo a day for a month!