12 December 2012

I have totally loved keeping track of the day to day in this fashion...
I have big plans for next year....
I intend to continue keeping track with my daily photos.....
but I am already prepared to scrap a 12x12 monthly spread in an album as well.
I might share the bones of that another day....
Here is a little about our November.

1. Watching the girlies this afternoon... Bells is sporting fairy wings and a Marge Simpson wig...so stylish.
2. I have been tidying my craft room
3. Relay for life begins
4. Relay for life finishes and we won " best baton"...pretty chuffed with our effort this year.
5. Its our work training day and I got to try abseiling / rope rescue.... and loved it.
6. Brent and Alex made the social pages....captured out for Halloween.
7. I've been stitching up a storm in preparation for the markets
8. Briony and Jarrad flew to Sydney ready for their cruise.
9. Briony and Jarrad sent us a farewell selfie as they cruised off to Fiji
10. Ian and I baby-sit the girlies for the weekend while Brent and Alex are at Sarah and Lukes wedding.
11. Cleaning day at work.... blerk
12. Im stitching for Dudley and Grace again.
13. Brent made the paper again ...this time getting his National apprentice of the year award.
14. I had an allergic reaction to face cream again.
15. Drinking lots of tea and sewing for Dudley and Grace again.
16. We all head over to the Berri Merri Christmas tonight.
17. Its our work Christmas show tonight at the Cobby club.
18. At work today.....tired.... couldnt help noticing how beautiful the Jacaranda trees are.
19. Training day at work - Debating and Aggression and Violence.
20. We have a delicious bowl of apricots from Charmaine.
21. Bells sorting a fro
22. Shaun arrived from Bundaberg....all the kids are here for dinner
23. Granny.. Grumps.. David...Jo....Jack...Cooper and Charlie are visiting for the weekend.
24. The girlies are staying for the weekend while the kids are all on a houseboat....its been hot!
25. We have spent most of the weekend down at the lake.... the kids have fished and swam.
26. The girlies are heading home today after a big holiday at Nan and Pops.
27. Ian and I head off for a few days away....the camper is packed.
28. In Daylesford...
29. At a cafe called Larder in Daylesford.
30. Relaxing by the lake in Hopetoun... our last night of our little holiday.

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  1. I really love how you document your month Mardi... and the monthly scrapbook spreads sounds a wonderful idea... I joined in with you and Kim and some other inspirational lovelies 3 or so years ago... and just pulled my monthly spreads from then... brought back so many memories... would love to hear about what you have planned... your photos are gorgeous...

    Jenny ♥