Jan 14th - 20th...

20 January 2013

This week..

.... we played some golf....Poppy made Bella her own stick.
Briony and I tool the girlies to visit Mummy in Adelaide,
Bella and Brooke played 'hospital' using the coffee table as a bed.
I began a Salicylate free diet trial.
We stitched and knitted some Blythe clothes for Lottie and Gracie..
The girlies were staying all week .... it was hot...
We did lots of drawing....including some with chalk on the pavers outside.
Yvette gifted me the sweetest dress pattern which I whipped up from a vintage sheet.
I made a little progress with my quilt....
I scrapped a layout.
Mummy was finally allowed home at 36wks.... bubby has decided to cook a little longer.


  1. I'm so glad you were able to take the girls to see Alex.

    Your quilt looks amazing!! I'm very curious about the circles. Are they tricky?

    Hooray, you scrapbooked!! Love it!

    I love your dress!!! You were so quick too!

    1. We really made Alexs day when we visited....it was so worth the long trip.
      No the circles in the quilt have been easy actually.....I do have a couple that didn't quite line up perfectly....it would probably bother some people....but I couldn't care less...lol
      Thanks SO much for the dress pattern.....I love it SO much....and even want to make some for winter to wear with a cardi and tights.
      M xx

  2. oh what a lovely creative week, you are rocking the dress....

    1. Thanks Jen...it is such a flattering pattern....and not hard to make either....
      M xx

  3. Beautiful photos as usual.Love the dress Mardi looks so nice on you-love deex

  4. Gorgeous photo collage Mardi... beautiful pics of the girls... and love love your pretty dress... and your quilt... looking wonderful...

    Jenny ♥