Project Life.....

3 February 2013

Well my best laid plans just didn't work.
I had planned to scrap a monthly project life album... it seemed  perfect to me... that was until I sat down at the end of January to pull my first month together.

I very quickly realised I had a mountain of photos....stories....and snippets of life...and it was almost impossible to narrow it down to a double layout.

So after a day of deliberation....
I bit the bullet and changed it to a weekly album.

I have a few fears...
One... am I going to be able to keep up each week?...
Two... will getting photos printed become a chore?
and Three..Will I come to loathe it each week?.

I guess time will tell.... but in the meantime I have got myself as organised as I can...
I set up a basket of well as bits and pieces...all in one place.
I bookmarked some fabulous...generous.... free printables.... like these here.. and here...
I picked poor Kims brain....for lots of tips and help on getting started...
I made dedicated folders on my computer .. 
I bought myself a notebook to jot down the memories as they happen.

Then I scrapped like a mad woman to catch up....I was already a month behind...
I finished these over the last few days.....I know I will get into the swing and look back at these...probably chuckling at my amateurish beginnings.
That is the beauty of Project Life though....its so easy to slip out a photo or card and make a doubt that will possibly happen from time to time.

The other skill I need to learn is photographing them.... its tricky when they are in plastic sleeves....and all of my photos are very ordinary....I hope I get better at that too.

Week one...

Week two

Week three

Week four...


  1. WOW!! Mardi they look fabulous!! I'm sure you will be able to keep it going, you sound like your organised, look foward to seeing future pages!! Xx

  2. That is gorgeous Mardi, I wish I was organized enough to do it, yours looks fanatsic and Im sure you will keep up with it.

    Cherie xoxo

  3. Anonymous7:42 am

    You will want to keep up - it doesn't take long really, its an easy routine to get in to and you will looooooove looking back on the weeks that it'll become addictive after a few months ;)

  4. oh wow wow wow....any wonder you changed it to weekly :) it looks wonderful :)

  5. looks amazing Mardi!!

  6. I love it.I think you have done a wonderful job.I may do one next year maybe ha ha ha -love dee x

  7. Love your PL Mardi...the colours in your photos are perfectly matched with your paper colours! Very slow going here.

  8. I love your PL pages Mardi. And somehow you've still managed to to use your style with all those pockets!