A little family update....

14 March 2013

I don't often blog family details these days... 
I know my kids prefer if I keep things 'in house' and I respect that
However ....I know that our extended family and friends who read this hang out for a glimpse 
of what we have been up to .....so here is a brief rundown.

Its been a crazy few months (and that's an understatement)....with a lot of changes around here....
Mitch has been unwell again... his Crohns has flared....and he has complications relating to it....including a recent surgery...
It has been extremely stressful for us all....and we all feel for poor Mitch who has had to suffer it.... as usual he takes it in his stride ...adding in as much humour as he can muster.
I think the most worrying part for me looking on was his weight loss....
To have him fade from 100kgs at his heaviest....down to 66kg....has caused me many a sleepless night.
We are hoping that with the medications....a course of steroids....and the continuation of his diet that we can turn the corner and get him back on the mend again.

here he is....pre-surgery..

and here....trying to swallow and keep down a litre of prep before his CT scans...
...and whipping up some gluten free spaghetti bolognese for dinner the other night.

His diet has had a huge overhaul over the last 6 months.... generally (with the exception of a few binges) he eats gluten....dairy and sugar free....it seems to suit him. When he maintains this diet.. his crohns settles...this recent flare up was so frustrating.... because even though he was doing well with his diet the crohns had a mind of its own....and there was no stopping it.... drug intervention was the only option for now.
Briony has also had a huge change....
She has moved to Adelaide for Uni....and we are slam bang in the middle of an adjustment period for her.
She is a family orientated home bod...so to leave us all....and move away has not been easy.
She is luckily living with two beautiful friends...who are all starting off on the same Uni journey together....so although there has been homesickness....there has also been a lot of laughs and good times.
Uni has been a tough gig so far....she hasn't found it easy to navigate...and she feels like she is floundering at the moment..... time will help though....and things will fall into place.

The exciting up side is....she has been able to enjoy setting up a home with her friends....and she can assemble a 'flatpack' in jiffy.
I had my annual Breast cancer check... I wasn't concerned....but its funny how there was still a little sigh of relief when I walked out the door knowing I was another year clear.
Having Briony living in Adelaide now makes it a much nicer place to visit....
We shopped and had lunch together....
then I made her and the girls a home cooked dinner before heading home late that night.
Brent had happy mail day when his 'Apprenticeship sign of papers' arrived...
We are so proud of his achievement... and for him... nothing beats that feeling of being qualified.
Belly and Booka (and bubba brayden) have breezed in and out...
Bells is a Kindy girl now.... so Alex often calls in after she picks her up....although trying to find out what she did that day is like pulling teeth....she is more interested in raiding the pantry or fruit bowl.

Ian and I have been addicted to this ....
So that is a little of what has been happening here....
Lets hope that by the next update ..life has slipped back to normal...and is happy healthy and predictable.


  1. Wow Mardi - you have had a lot going on! I have done the move to the city for uni thing (many years ago!) and can relate to how your daughter is feeling....it's tough but she'll settle in before you know it. I hope your son has his Crohns under to control soon :)

    1. Thanks Malea....I hope she gets into the swing soon too. It always nice to get reassurance from those who have been there before.
      Mardi x

  2. Oh Mardi I hope Mitch's health stabilises soon. I can imagine how worried you must be. Briony is so beautiful. I feel like we've seen a snippet of her growing up having read your blog for so long. Great news about your health check. Much love Leax

    1. Sick kids are such a worry....and Lea you know that only too well..it is so hard as Mums watching on...if only we could make it all better.

      Such a sweet comment about Briony.....I always think the same of my friends....watching their kids grow up....and feeling as though I actually know them....and that includes your beautiful trio Lea..

      Much love...Mardi x

  3. So much happening Mardi! I really hope that Mithc's surgery was a success, chrohn's can be very debilitating but hopefully the surgery, drugs and diet will stop any further flare ups in the near future. My eldest niece has it (diagnosed at 19 now 25) and fortunately she hasn't had any major problems in a long time. She is super strict with diet which has helped.

    I hope Brioney settles in well, I think we will be in a very similar boat in a few years as Marnie is also a homebody and will have to leave to do uni. Thankfully (no matter what we decide accommodation wise) we have lots of family there that can be a bit of a security backup for her.