This week....

20 June 2013

Here is a peak at what's been happening here this week...

I made a delicious  rainbow coloured Coleslaw... 
The recipe is by the lovely of the "The Holistic Ingredient" blog...
and the brains and taste-buds behind the gorgeous new e-book "A Nourishing Kitchen"

I moved a step closer with Braydens quilt....I finally got the backing pinned in place...

 I created a little pile of crochet squares on the end of the couch.
I'm moving on with one of my Grandmas W.I.P's.... 
its taken me a few tries to get the hook and tension right but I've got it sussed now.

I made some gut healing bone doesn't look that appealing at this stage but after simmering it all was strained and the remaining stock was made into a soup....
its delicious ...warning...and fantastic for gut health...which can only be good thing.

I got around to turning one of my recent sheet purchases into a tunic top....
The pattern wasn't exactly what I was after...but it turned out ok... its comfy....and easy to wear with boots and leggings and a cardi of course.

Then.....days off were over....and it was back to work...
and all my crafty pursuits are on the back burner sad...haha


  1. Love your dress cant wait to see a photo of you wearing it.Also I thought your projusect on Jot magazine was unreal.Such a talented lady-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee....I'm really pleased with hoe the dress turned out actually..even though Hubby isn't a fan...haha
      Lovely of you to pop by...Mardi x

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  3. I've been following Amy Crawford on Instagram/ FB for a few months now! Haven't bought her ebook it as good as it looks?!

    Love the coleslaw...gorgeous colours :)

  4. I really like her book has a nice mix of recipes....and some lovely basics and variation ideas too. If you love her IG feed I am sure you will love the book.
    Mardi x