20 November 2013

Nothing beats a weekend spent on the River camping.
It was so relaxing...
Just us ....with friends...and a visit from the kids...
We had a campfire at night.... that beautiful glow and warmth that draws us all in with a circle of chairs.
Obviously there was some fishing.... with minimal success...
and breakfast cookups... 
which always taste better sitting in a camping chair with the river sparkling in front of us.

Of course the kids had fun....
The rigged up a rope in the tree so the girlie's could 'fly'
Mitch wanted a go as well..although from the pain etched on his face I think he will leave flying to the younger ones from now on.
Brayden loved the dirt... and was keen to get down and into it.

I feel so lucky to have the river on our doorstep....
and to have friends and family who enjoy it as much as we do.


  1. Mardi I love these family posts. Sounds like a beautiful break away.

    1. Likewise Lea....I always love your family posts too.
      There is something so relaxing about being outdoors....with the water....the dirt and a campfire thats for sure.

  2. I too, love reading your family posts and seeing your family! Looks like you had a beautiful time down on the river and omg, Brayden has grown so much!!

    1. Brayden is adorable... he is such a sweet gentle little boy... we think he is super cute too..
      Mardi x

  3. looks like a lovely spot and glad you had good family time, lovely to catch up with you at "the party"

    1. It was a lovely weekend.... the river is always relaxing.
      Yes it was lovely to catch up... we had a really wonderful night..we are so happy for Carly and Brad.
      Mardi x


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