Santa visited the club...

16 December 2013

On Sunday we headed out to the Cobby club for lunch...
we were very spoilt with a free lunch for members..
and the chance to chat..and enjoy some Christmas spirit with friends and family.
The highlight was a visit from Santa...
Brayden met him for the very first time.. and was more than happy to sit on his lap..

Brookie was chatty this year...
Santa - "Whats your name"
Brooke - "Brookie"
Santa - "how old are you Brookie?"
Brookie - "free" (and holds up three fingers)
Santa - "lets count them shall we" (and points at her first finger)
Brookie - " four.....five....six"
Santa - "oh you are clever aren't you"
Brookie - "Yeah" (in her deep little voice...feeling quite pleased with herself)

Bella - "excuse me...excuse me ....  am I on the naughty list or the good list?"
Santa - "oh its are on the good list"
Bella - (silence... as a wave of relief washes over her)
Santa - "what would you like for Christmas"
Bella - " a dolly"
Santa - " well that's lucky...Santa has lots of dollies on board this year"

Then as Santa was waving goodbye.... Bella said... "I'm going to follow him as I REALLY want to see his sleigh!

Christmas is so much fun through the eyes of the little ones..

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  1. Ooooooh how gorgeous Mardi... Bella made me smile... the good list or the naughty list.... how sweet is that... your photos are beautiful.... and yes... the magic of Christmas through the eyes of little ones... precious indeed....

    Jenny ♥